The Portal was established in February 2005. For the past year, the Portal has progressed significantly. Having in mind that Macedonia is a small country, we are proud to present to you the following figures:

• Over 150.000 visits per month

• Over 4100 sites with a link to

• Positioning on the first pages of top search engines

• Electronic newsletter

• Daily update of pages

The Macedonian National Tourism Portal is a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all travel needs of individuals as well as tour operators. On the Portal you will find ample information regarding a myriad of travel areas: General info on Macedonia, Macedonian lakes and cities, cultural and archeological heritage, accommodation, eco- tourism as well as the ever so interesting “Did You Know” section, covering little-known unique information about our beautiful country.
That means that it is a one stop shop for your next trip, corporate meeting or conference, or exciting thematic tour through Macedonian secluded and thrilling sites.