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Zaev – Ademoski We have a potential for exchange of one billion dollars, the new government to appoint a Minister of Tourism

February05/ 2020

04.02.2020 …

To implement the initiative for establishing a free industrial zone in the Gevgelija-Strumica region, to fully implement the bilateral Free Trade Agreement from 2001 and the country to have a special ministry – for tourism, requires the Economic Chamber Macedonia – Turkey (MATTO).

Today, MATTO announced these proposals to the President of SDSM, Zoran Zaev, who, as he stated, continues the working meetings with the business community to create a better party economic program in which the suggestions of the economy would be incorporated.

MATTO and Zaev believe that there is a capacity to reach an exchange of one billion euros, which is a common goal of both countries.

– If SDSM comes to power, it should consider appointing a Minister of Tourism. The capital of MATTO members is over 30 billion dollars, and the investments here in the country amount to 1.8 billion with 10,000 jobs or the total number of employees is over 50,000, including the parent companies in Turkey. Hence, not only should we be heard, but also our ideas should be translated into action, said the President of MATTO, Ajdovan Ademoski.

Popovo Sapka where, he said, five-star hotels can be built, and pointed out the need for joint performance of our and Turkish companies in third markets.

According to Zaev, Turkey is one of the largest employers and one of the largest investors in the country in all areas.

– Industrial zone in Gvegelija is the new initiative of MATTO that would be realized after the elections. Such projects already exist in the country. But we are also talking about removing certain barriers. “We want to use the benefits of the Free Trade Agreement in full light, without any customs duties,” said Zaev.

MATTO with today’s working meeting with the economic team of SDSM started a new practice – meetings with political parties. The Chamber sent invitations to all serious political parties, and Zaev, as Ademoski said, was the first to respond.