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MATTO, met with representatives of the political party Alternative

February19/ 2020

On 18.02.2020 … Development of the country and growth of the economy common denominator

Within the MATTO program, a series of talks with the political parties and presentation of the MATTO priorities in order to be incorporated in the party programs. On (18.02.2020) a meeting was held with the political party “AlternativeA” which was represented by the President Mr. Afrim Gashi. Mr. Ajdovan Ademoski, President of MATTO thanked for the accepted invitation for the meeting, introduced the guests to the priorities of MATTO and stressed that the new government is expected to be fully committed to the development and growth of the country, and that the economy is the basis for prosperity. and capacity building for international partnerships. The president of “Alternativa” thanked for the opportunity to express the party’s position that the perception of Turkey in the Albanian bloc should be changed and that the party sees its role to be in the service of the citizens. Mr Gashi outlined the party ‘s priorities in terms of modernizing the country and boosting the economy.

The meeting was attended by MATTO Deputies, Ms. Buket Gerekci and Mr. Imer Selmani as well as other members of the MATTO Board of Directors.