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The President of MATTO Mr. Ajdovan Ademoski was welcomed by the President of the Republic of Turkey Mr. Ergodan.

August26/ 2020

The President of MATTO Mr. Ajdovan Ademoski and the Vice President Mr. Eser Cevahir were welcomed today by the President of the Republic of Turkey Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Mr. Mustafa тоentop.

During the meeting, in addition to assessing the state of trade relations between the two countries during the pandemic process, the involvement of MATTO members with the least damage from this process and the question of the benefits of some opportunities created by the current global crisis were discussed. the most efficient way in the regional sense, especially in Northern Macedonia.

In addition to the talks on MATTO member companies, the meeting also discussed the cooperation between the two countries on Turkey’s economic lobbying in order to start work on the opening of third countries, as well as models for increasing the cooperation of MATTO member companies with companies from other countries that plan to invest in R. Northern Macedonia.

In addition, the meeting discussed the issue of supporting technology-oriented sectors, especially during the pandemic period of the market in Northern Macedonia, as well as supporting the prevention of outflow of young people, by increasing employment by adopting innovative and advanced business models in the country, through the support and cooperation of experienced Turkish companies-members of MATTO.