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Fashionist Online Fashion and Apparel Fair / 22-26 February 2021

December23/ 2020

As OTİAD- Osmanbey Textile Business People Association, Fashionist Online Fashion and Ready-to-Wear Fair will be held on www.fashionistonline.com instead of the physical Fashionist Fair, which could not be held in November 2020 due to the pandemic.
For the organization of our Virtual Fair, T.C. Approvals and support of the Ministry of Trade and İHKİB-Istanbul Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Exporters’ Association have already been received.
Our association plans to bring together foreign buyers and exporter ready-made clothing companies in a virtual environment at the online fair to exhibit the newest collections and designs prepared by the sector and to create potential export connections.
You can find the support request application petition addressed to you by our Chairman of the Board of OTİAD, which contains details about the support works we request from your Consultancy, the product groups to be displayed within the Virtual Fair, the foreign announcement visual of the Fair and the Information Request Form in the mail attachment.